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Hosting games in Gameranger with windows 10
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Posted: Tuesday, June 06, 2017 at 8:06:26 AM | IP Logged

Hello, we receive a lot of questions about people playing on Gameranger on Win 10, and they can t host a game.
Maybe some people will know a solution for this problem ?

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Posted: Monday, June 12, 2017 at 12:35:47 AM | IP Logged

My 2c here is the same for those who are struggling to play MVP 2005 Baseball (which has up to date mods for it) with Windows 10.

Either partition your existing HDD or purchase a small second HDD and make it a slave drive, then install Windows XP or Windows 7 on it. You would need to then boot into the partition or the 2nd HDD with an installed TW 08 game.


Installing a bootable second drive: (they do warn that "When setting up a dual boot, you must install the older operating system FIRST. For example, if you already have a computer with Windows 7, you can install Windows 8 to another partition or hard drive to create a dual-boot setup. However, installing Windows 7 to a computer that already has Windows 8 WILL NOT work. When installed by itself, Windows 7 uses an older version of the Windows boot manager." --- This does work.... I have installed Windows 10 on my secondary smaller HDD as I had Windows 7 on my primary HDD). 

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Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 at 4:09:46 AM | IP Logged

edited by: kmw350 on Friday, August 17, 2018 at 4:14:00 AM
I just successfully hosted a Gameranger game on Windows 10 (well, just a test, played down the first fairway of Firestone).

I''m not sure what info I can give as I didn''t do anything special to get it working:

I''m on Windows 10 x64, build 17134. I have not changed any port settings.

I first installed TW08 WITHOUT any of the online components (as I thought I wasn''t going to be using them). So when it originally asked if I would play online I said no and it did not install flashplayer, or any other online component.

Now a few weeks later, I decided to try Gameranger so that I can play a game with a friend 200 miles away.

I installed Gameranger.
I started Gameranger as admin. (TW08 must NOT be open at this time).
I clicked on ''host'', named it ''test'', set maximum players at ''4'', and clicked ok.

I immediately got an error, ''system is missing Direct Draw, click ok to install it'', which I did. It then told me to restart the application.

Si I then exited TW08 and clicked ''host'' and started again. Clicked ok, and as soon as a second player joined I clicked start and the TW08 game fired up and went automatically into the LAN login, offered me choices of course/tee/weather etc, and went to the first tee.
In the background I got a Windows firewall popup which I clicked ''yes'' to allow the game through the firewall.

I''m going to try this again later using my main pc, which I believe is Windows 10 build 1803.

Hope that might help someone trying to connect with Win10.


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Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 at 10:40:01 AM | IP Logged

Yes and on the set up of the game on Gameranger never chose the Championship Tees , that's the very back tees , it just will not work or it may work but you will be teeing off in some strange places. 
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Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 10:20:21 PM | IP Logged

Yes there is a fix for hosting on Windows 10.All you need to do disable compatibility mode for Gameranger and TW O8,just right click on both TW 08 ICON and Gameranger icon then select properties,next select compatibility tab,uncheck the box where it says compatibility mode,click apply then ok your done.I read somewhere that compatibility mode interferes with direct play. 

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